Kerbal Comes to Consoles

The PC indie hit, Kerbal Space Program, has been in development for consoles for some time. Would-be console space cadets now have a little more news to feed their excitement.

Developer Squad has announced that the physics-based flight simulator will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July.

Squad CEO Ezequiel Ayarza had this to say about the game’s port to console:

“It has been a long road but finally we are confident of the quality of the game on consoles. An awesome control experience awaits you, as well as easier access to the wonderful world of space exploration, where even exploding is a lot of fun.”

KSP focuses on an alien race known as the Kerbals, who have decided they are worthy of shooting for the stars. As their commander, it is up to you to decide where to go and how to get there without ending the mission in disaster. Will your tour across the heavens be a success or end infamously amongst the Kerbals?

My Opinion:

This game has been on my radar ever since a friend of mine wouldn’t stop talking about it for about a month. As a console gamer, I never thought my chance to play this one would become a reality. I’m not exactly confident in the lack of a firm release date, but I’m glad to see Squad is far enough along with this port to announce an imminent release window.

Jordan Loeffler is Editor in Chief for MONG. There are likely to be many explosions amongst his people in July. You can also follow him on IGN and on Twitter.

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