Death’s Gambit Trailer Showcases Epic Boss Battles

Boss battles are a videogame staple and the latest footage from Death’s Gambit highlights some epic boss encounters present in the game.

Death’s Gambit is a challenging action-RPG set on an alien medieval planet. Developer White Rabbit has populated the world with all manner of beasts and horrors. Many of the bosses found in the game are gargantuan in stature and pose a sizeable challenge to say the least.

As an agent of death tasked with slaying these immortal creatures, how you decide to slay them is key. Each boss has unique abilities and can come back to life after defeat. Players have the option whether or not to fight them again, with different items obtained depending on how the boss was vanquished. Watch the trailer below to see the enormous bosses of Death’s Gambit in action.



My Opinion:

Some of the giant bosses and ability to scale them, brings to mind Shadow of the Colossus.  It definitely looks like each boss will provide a unique and difficult challenge. I’ve been hearing about this game for awhile and look forward to its release on the PS4.

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