Hollywood Eager to Cash in on Pokémania With Potential Film

There is no property hotter right now in gaming than Pokémon. The staggering success of Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation and  has re-energized talks of developing a Pokémon film.

Deadline is reporting that Legendary Pictures is closing in on a deal for the film rights to make a live action Pokémon movie. Pokémon has come to the big screen before with a series of animated movies. Rumors have been swirling for awhile regarding a film treatment, and Legendary’s involvement in possibly securing the rights makes great financial sense for the company. Legendary Pictures recently found success with another game to film adaptation in Warcraft, which has achieved record breaking numbers in China.


My Opinion:

The news isn’t surprising as Pokémon Go is red hot right now. I can’t log into Facebook, Twitter, or go to work without hearing someone talk about the game. The only possible hurdle I see is how slow the film business can be at times. If the rights do get purchased and a film is greenlit, it will still be years before it releases in theaters. By that time Pokémon Go will surely have died down in popularity, although the franchise as a whole has remained highly successful over a number of years.

Darius Purse is a Senior Writer at MONG and if you want to talk Games, TV, or MMA feel free to follow him on Twitter.




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