Game of the Month July 2016

People and sentient AI of the internet, today is the day. MONG’s writers and editors have gathered, deliberated, and concluded that June’s game of the month is…


It was anyone’s game for the month of July. With no standout, attention consuming, substantial AAA game releasing — the opportunity for some smaller games to grab the limelight was as ripe as it’s been all year. One game that perhaps benefited most from this window of opportunity was Furi, The Game Bakers’ fifth and most recent game. But the hand dealt to Furi  was made even sweeter by its timely inclusion as a PlayStation Plus Free Game for the month. The result was a huge payoff of extra downloads and players — players that may have not been as plentiful if it was a busier month. Everything fell into place, and The Game Baker’s capitalized on it — delivering one of the most pleasant surprises so far this year.

Imagine if Afro Samurai, Jet Set Radio, Transistor, Metal Gear Rising, El Shaddai, and Killer is Dead, all had a baby — and that baby was way more awesome than it ever had right to be — that baby is Furi. Referred to by some languages as Sweaty Palm Simulator — Furi is insanely intense.

The lightning fast combat is taxing, brutally unforgiving, and reliant on pure mastery of timing and understanding of your opponent — it’s immensely frustrating, but in a good way. The mixture of samurai-style dueling and classic Japanese bullet-hell action is surprisingly a perfect intricate harmony. To top off the exhilarating gameplay, Furi also boasts a distinct and quality narrative, as well as a terrific soundtrack. It is an exhaustingly satisfying journey — one that every gamer should tackle this year.

furi_law_ccm_640Congratulations to The Game Bakers for winning its most prestigious and impressive award yet, MONG’s Game of the month for July 2016! 

July’s Top Three Games:


  • Furi

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who enjoys Game of the Month Awards more than his own birthday. You can find him on Twitter.


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