Prey For the Gods reaches Kickstarter goal — PS4 & Xbox One versions confirmed

Shadow of the Colossusinspired adventure game Prey For the Gods has made 150 percent of its Kickstarter with only a few hours left. Additionally, it has also been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The ambitious title being made by only three people was aiming to raise $300k on the crowdfunding platform, and as of publishing it’s at $451,957 with over 13.4k backers.

The game has hit many of its stretch goals as well. There will now be a Mac version, an orchestral score, an additional animator, and more weapons. If it hits its next stretch goals it could also recieve more bosses and expanded environments.

What is Prey for the Gods?

“Prey For The Gods is an action survival game set on a desolate frozen island. To survive you must destroy the very gods you believe in.”

Core Features:

  • Colossal battles with giants where you can climb your foes
  • A vast and mysterious frozen world with dynamic snow terrain that you must traverse
  • Intense survival gameplay
  • Explore mysterious temples that contain secrets and treasure.
  • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle
  • Non-linear gameplay where you choose who to battle and how
  • Loot the fallen heroes and equip yourself with weapons and supplies
  • Unique musical score


Prey for the Gods combines the gameplay of Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex, and Bloodborne. It is said to boast tight controls, action-packed boss fights, and a frozen mysterious world to explore.


“In Prey for the Gods, you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter. Arriving with only the clothes on your back, you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter. To restore balance and reclaim the land from the brink, you will be faced with questions that not even a God knows the answer to.”

The story will be told through the environment, and the developer cited Shadow of the Colossus (again), Journey and Hyper Light Drifter as inspirations.

For more information, check out the game’s Kickstarter page.

You can currently (depending on when you’re reading this) reserve a copy of Prey For the Gods for $15 on PC or $25 for console.

My Opinion:

Copy reserved. This game looks awesome. Heck, I might reserve two copies. Two copies of a great game is better than one, after all.

Tyler Fischer is a Senior Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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