Seven Pokemon Recipes Any Trainer Would Try

In a surprising and exciting turn of events, VIZ Media will be publishing a Pokémon cookbook titled, The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy & Fun Recipes. With over 35 delicious dishes planned for the book and over 750 Pokémon revealed (and growing thanks to the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon), the possibilities are there for the eating. Let’s check out seven ideas we hope are in the book:

Charmanderin Chicken


In the mood for some chicken? Why not explore your taste palate with a delicious orange chicken dish inspired by the original Lizard Pokémon, Charmander.

Ditto Taffy


The Transformation Pokémon sure is malleable, so why not enjoy that ability! This can be a perfect excuse to play with your food and transform your taffy into any shape (or Pokémon) as you’d like.

Vanilite Ice Cream


This delicious looking Pokémon can be the perfect vanilla-flavored treat to cool you down in Hoenn’s hot and sandy Route 111 or can be the perfect dessert in any region.

Dugtrio Dirt Cake with Weedle Candy


A simply decadent delight that can really highlight Dugtrio’s ground-type. The earthy texture can also be a fun allusion to the fact that Dugtrio love to be underground along with those pesky Weedle trying to munch on everything!

Jellicent Donuts


The Floating Pokémon, Jellicent, can offer a fluffy treat in the form of a jelly-filled donut. Since there are aesthetic differences with the male and female versions, there can be two different styles – a beautiful blue and a pretty pink.

Machopped Salad


Care for a hearty and protein-filled salad? The Machopped Salad has you covered. Inspired by the feisty fighting-type, Machop can slice some turkey, ham, and chicken on top of a delicious lettuce bed to feed your inner martial artist.

Regirock Candy


With a little patience and plenty of sugar, you can have your very own legendary Pokémon! Who knows, maybe with some food coloring, we can have the whole regi-family…

Which Pokémon or dishes do YOU want to see?

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