Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom gets new trailer for PS4

Focus Home Interactive and developer Enigami have released a new trailer for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom on PS4.

The trailer has been released in celebration of the ongoing Gamescom expo and details the story of the PS2-homage action RPG.

Never heard of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom? Well, here’s an official overview via the PlayStation Blog:  

“[The] story begins with Chado, a young Waki, who happens upon a mysterious spirit called a Shiness. This being refers to itself as Terra, and tells him that destiny has other plans for his life. Chado and Terra must go on a journey to find The Land of Life, which is located on a faraway Meteora (space island to simple folk).

The road to the Land of Life leads Chado and his four companions right into the middle of a war between two neighbouring nations, and a manhunt for two fugitives on the run. If Terra is right about all of this, these seemingly unrelated events may have an unseen web that binds them all together.”

While exploring the world, you’ll enter into battles seamlessly, learning new powers as you progress. Fights in Shiness combine attacking, parrying, dodging and combos like in traditional fighting games with clever use of elemental magic.

You’ll be able to play as five different and original characters in Shiness. Each have their own unique skills and abilities, both for fighting and puzzle solving. Chado, for example, has the power to summon a boulder on his back to throw and act as a counterweight. Poky’s skills manipulate the world’s Shi to influence electrical currents, while Kayenne exploits powerful telekinetic talents.”

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom releases exclusively on PS4 sometime later this year.

My Opinion:

Somehow this game has flown under everyone’s radar (including mine). But not anymore. This is now one of my most anticipated games for this year.

Tyler Fischer is a Senior Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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