New York Artist Creates Stellar Pokemon GO Mural

Continuing the amazing resurgence of Pokémon to fans across the world, one artist in New York wanted to create some inspiring art. 

Graphic designer Efren Andaluz decided that it was time to showcase some art on the barron outside wall of his company’s office in Greenlawn, New York. As the owner OnDaLoose Design Studio, Andaluz had been waiting for the perfect inspiration for the blank slate. In a stroke of excitement, Andaluz began the groundwork for his Poké-tastic idea – all 151 original Pokémon showcased in a fun, inspiration, and creative mural.


The 50 foot mural took 10 days and 150 cans of spray paint to complete.

Andaluz says, “I want to do something inspiring….You can do incredible things if you put your mind to it.”


My Opinion:
I LOVE everything about this. I had to see this mural in person to appreciate it and find the little nods, phrases of appreciation, and nerd-jokes embedded in it. The fact that Pokémon GO inspired him to create this further proves the power of Pokémon and videogames is very strong in the world. Also TMNT Blastoise and hipster Alakazam are my spirit animals now…

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