Hangar 13 details Mafia III free and paid post-launch DLC

2K Games and Hangar 13 have detailed the free and paid post-launch DLC coming to Mafia III.

Free post-launch content will include new character outfits, new weapons, vehicle customization, and races.

Paid post-launch content will include three story expansions, and all the extra goodies such as weapons and vehicles that each said expansion comes with. Purchased individually, all three expansions will cost $39.97 (approximately $13 each, though the specific pricing for each was not revealed, so who knows). If you buy the Season Pass however you can get them all for $29.99. The Season Pass also come with the deluxe edition which runs at $79.99.

Here are all the details about the post-launch content:

Free: New Character Outfits


 New outfits will allow you to select a look that suits your tastes and define your take on Lincoln.

Free: New Weapons

Mafia III

30 days after the game launches, everyone gets the “Judge, Jury and Executioner” golden weapons pack.

Free: Vehicle Customization

Mafia III

Additional customization options will expand upon the vehicle upgrades that already exist in Mafia III. Give your ride new wheels, personalized license plates, and paint jobs. There will also be more options to boost your vehicle’s performance.

Free: Races

Mafia III

Take your tricked-out fleet into the city and enter a series of races. From there, you can earn money, new customization options for your car, and other awesome rewards.

Paid Expansion: “Faster, Baby!”

Mafia III

Fast cars, dramatic chases, and stunt driving take center stage as Lincoln joins forces with his former flame, Roxy Laveau, to take down a corrupt Sheriff terrorizing Civil Rights activists on the outskirts of New Bordeaux.

Paid Expansion: “Sign of the Times”

Mafia III

A string of ritualistic killings has New Bordeaux on the edge of terror. At Father James’ request, Lincoln agrees to hunt down the cult responsible, a quest that will take him from the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counterculture of the inner city.

Paid Expansion: “Stones Unturned”

Mafia III

When a merciless rival resurfaces in New Bordeaux, Lincoln must join forces with CIA agent John Donovan to settle a blood feud that began in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam.

Mafia III is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 7th.

My Opinion:

Mafia III has had probably one of the largest advertising pushes I’ve seen all year — I mean it’s been getting like 8 new trailers a day. That being said, it will be interesting to see if it pays off. As for me, it’s not a day one purchase, but it certainly has got my attention.

Tyler Fischer is a Senior Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

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