Top 10 PS4 & Xbox One Games

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been home to some bad games, some downright broken ones, and more remasters than you’ll ever know what to do with. It also has been home to many great games. This list is for those games. A scientific, inarguable top ten list brought to you by Middle of Nowhere Gaming’s Tyler Fischer and Chris Cobb. These aren’t  the “best games” they’re our favorite ones — but the list still remains irrefutable.

10. Wolfenstein: The New Order


Tyler: Arguably one of the most overlooked games on PS4 and Xbox One, Wolfenstein: The New Order — minus the first opening 30 minutes — is easily the best time I’ve had with a shooter so far this generation. The shooting feels superb, the first-person stealth is surprisingly awesome, and it’s alternate history is one that completely engrossed me.  A great single-player FPS campaign is a rare commodity these days, stolen from us by the genre’s growing multiplayer-centric nature, making this one all the more sweet.

9. Alien: Isolation


Chris: As a massive fan of the Alien film franchise, Alien: Isolation blew me away with its authenticity and incredible attention to detail. It truly felt as though I was inside one of the movies, relentlessly stalked by Xenomorphs and androids alike. Thankfully it is also more than a hide-and-seek simulator, granting players multiple tools and fun weapons to use in our defense. Another, please!  

8. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Tyler: You can sum up Uncharted 4 with two words: victory lap. The last chapter of Nathan Drake’s story is as grand, near-flawless, and bar-setting as you would expect from Naughty Dog at this point. With four iterations of polish, unrivaled graphic fidelity, and a satiating story from beginning to end, Uncharted 4 shows just why Naughty Dog is considered one of the best in the business.

7. Quantum Break


Chris: Remedy Entertainment has a very distinctive style, due mostly to their television series-like approach to video games. If Alan Wake felt like a weekly show, Quantum Break succeeded in becoming one with its live-action interludes. Combining that with some ridiculously fun super powers, excellent graphics, and a captivating time travel story results in one of this generation’s best video games thus far.

6. The Banner Saga


Tyler: It’s hard to stress how rare and difficult it is for a game to not overstay its welcome while also not clocking in too early. The Banner Saga nails this tight-walk. Besides being the perfect dosage, it is an atmospheric masterpiece that boasts an enthralling narrative, simple but exacting gameplay, and a vast range of emotions to consume you as you play through, and make genuinely difficult decisions. It’s a beautifully realized world filled with characters that you shouldn’t miss.

5. Rocket League


Tyler: A year and a half later, and Rocket League still has its hooks in me. I’m addicted — to an extreme that I have never experienced before. The narratives of late winning goals, epic saves, and insane shots create for an exhilarating, and satisfying experience that can’t be replicated by any other game. It’s crack disguised as a soccer-with-cars game, and if you haven’t played it yet, stop, and go try it now. Unless of course you value your free will.

4. Bloodborne


Chris: Bloodborne is just as tough, punishing, and extremely rewarding as its Dark Souls cousins. What sets it apart is its awe-inspiring Gothic art style, Lovecraftian sensibilities, and disgustingly unique monster designs. Its gameplay is also more fast paced and satisfyingly visceral, earning it this position.

3. Until Dawn


Chris: Until Dawn blew me away with its pitch-perfect mimicry of cheesy, yet somehow creepy slasher horror movies. More than that, its Butterfly Effect mechanic feels like each playthrough carries worthwhile variations — unlike countless other games with unfulfilled promises. Horror done right!

2. Layers of Fear


Chris: I gave Layers of Fear a perfect 10/10 when I reviewed it, so the game obviously struck a chord. It felt like the game I was hoping P.T. (AKA Silent Hills) would have been, while touting a unique oil painting-inspired aesthetic to set it apart. Most important of all, the scares were done well.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Tyler: I could write a senior thesis about why The Witcher 3 is the best game so far this generation, and one of the best games of all time. But unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard it all from at least half the internet. What I will say is The Witcher 3 did what very few games ever do, and that is set a new bar for a genre, much to the detriment of western RPGs before and after it.

Honorable Mentions:

Dragon Age: Inquisition



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


The Technomancer




And that’s it folks. Let us know what your favorite PS4 and Xbox One games are, and also feel free to roast Chris in the comments for getting Alien: Isolation onto this list. Just no pitchforks.

Senior writer Tyler Fischer and Associate Editor Chris Cobb like Top Ten lists more than they like their own pet parakeets. 




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