Man in the High Castle VR Experience Impressions – NYCC 2016

Kicking off the New York Comic Con 2016 adventures, I found myself immediately drawn into Man In The High Castle Virtual Reality Experience. Since seeing the pilot episode and subsequent first season, I was hungry for more of this dystopian world. But did this VR adventure fill me up until Season 2’s premiere in December? 

The experience begins with a letter written to the player, playing as Juliana Crain, where they must explore the virtual world to find one of the mysterious reels that are causing resistance to rise against the tyranny. After a few moments of world setting, you are thrown into an office building to begin your search. While using the Vive controller and headset, I quickly found myself excited to explore the world that was created through the Amazon show. However, the whole experience was very simple – essentially a click-and-point adventure that mostly ran itself. The transitions between locations were simple, either through elevators bringing me to a specific floor or fade-ins that brought me to separate rooms. I did however, find myself constantly rotating to make sure I did not miss a thing and was happily surprised that they committed to making a 360 degree experience through their lens. It is also worth noting that when I looked directly below, I saw my, or rather, Juliana Crain’s body as well as her high heel shoes (not my flavor of fashion, but at least it was committing itself to the character).

img_5709As the story continues, I was bounced around from California to New York, where several Easter Eggs (I found at least four) blended in the VR experience to the show. The specific locations are very familiar to fans of the series and could lead to possible hints for adventures in Season 2.

Ultimately, this VR experience lasted less than ten minutes, but it was the perfect appetizer to the panel over the weekend and the show’s second season. The biggest “hm..” moment I had actually occurred after the experience. As I was filling out the Exit Survey, I was given a poster that looked nearly identical to the ending of the VR Experience. This couldn’t be a coincidence and there’s no chance that they created this high-end poster just for VR. This scene could also be in Season 2, but sadly we’ll have to wait until December 16 to find out…

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