New Breath of the Wild Teaser Trailer at Game Awards 2016

In tonight’s Game Awards 2016, Nintendo has released a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which hints at new characters.

In this short clip, we are brought back to the bridge showcased in previous trailers and demos. Some villagers walking through the world, cute little dogs froliced near their farms, and horses galloped towards the horizon. Then suddenly in front of Link, a beaked character flies into the air towards a massive airship. Ruin and despair looms a decimated location, even showcasing a broken wingcrest. Link looks onto the area with a melancholy expression while somehow glistening with gold sparkles. Quickly, it cuts into a scene where Link is kneeling and a blond haired and clenched fisted female joins the view. Could this be a battle-ready Zelda? Linkle? Check out the trailer below.


My Opinion:
AH! I was nervous to see more of Breath of the Wild, but boy did this 75 second peak really offer enough new hints to keep people guessing. Who is the bird man? Is that really Zelda? What’s the deal with the broken wingcrest? Looks like I will just have to patiently wait until 2017 to see what it all means.

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