MONG Game Of The Month – November

The month of November was an overall solid month for gaming. There were big releases such as Watch Dogs 2 and smaller gems like Owlboy, all very good games in their own respect. The MONG crew voted and debated, and the results are in.

Without any further ado, your nominees are…

Dishonored 2

The second installment of Bethesda’s beloved action/adventure stealth game only seemed to add to Bethesda’s seemingly endless streak of amazing and beautiful games. A great game was given a great score of 9.3/10 on Riley Berry’s Dishonored 2 review.

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft Montréal really hit it out of the park with Watch Dogs 2. It has a beautiful open world with a thousand things to do, along with a thousand more ways to go about doing all those things. It scored a perfectly respectable 8.5/10 on (yours truly) Jeremy LeLaCheur’s Watch Dogs 2 review.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

With Pokémon Go skyrocketing Pokémon’s popularity the past year, expectations were sky high for Sun and Moon. With the addition of many more lovable characters and a heartwarming story, Brett Williams scored Sun and Moon a fairly solid 8.9/10 on his extensive and lovely Pokémon Sun and Moon Review.

…and the winner, with 50% of the MONG staff vote ,along with a score of 8.9/10, is…

Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Sun and Moon had some pretty stiff competition with two big name releases to go up against. However there is no doubt Pokémon has a special place in the hearts of millions, along with most of the nerds that are the MONG staff.

Sun and Moon gave us a beautiful character driven story that has lacked in prior games. The region of Alola was a beautiful and vast place to play in. There are few games that are able to capture the light hearted but intense feeling you get playing Pokémon. For a more in depth description of why Sun and Moon deserves our game of the month award, see Brett Williams’s Pokémon Sun and Moon Review.

Congratulations to Game Freak on this most prestigious award.

Jeremy LeLaCheur is an Associate Writer at MONG and excels at loving his mom and at video games with a dash of sarcasm and charisma.

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