4 Reasons To Be Excited For Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 is nearly upon us, bringing with it an all-new explosion of zombie gore and zany gameplay antics. Before it launches in a couple of days, let’s take a look at four reasons to be jazzed about this latest title! 

Exo Suits

Everyone loves exo suits. From Iron Man’s suit, to Fallout’s power armor, there is enough evidence to show that anyone with an exo suit is a supreme badass. Being able to use one to hurl cars at zombies, though? That’s gonna be one helluva treat.


Vehicles have been a mainstay of the series from the very beginning, but Dead Rising 4 promises a host of new automotive options with which to mow down undead hordes. From go carts and tricycles, to tractors and decked-out Mad Max trucks, there’s a lot to look forward to. My personal favorite? The large, two-wheeled monstrosity reminiscent of Axel’s ride in Twisted Metal 2.

Holiday Cheer

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the genius marketing, Dead Rising 4 is very much embracing the holiday season in which it will release. Black Friday banners decorate the Willamette Memorial Mall, there are Christmas trees and lights as far as the eye can see, and goofy outfits lie waiting to be worn. There are few sights so bright and cheerful as a mall at Christmas time, and I can’t wait to make a mess of the digital equivalent.

Frank West

Zombies and Frank West go together like blood and viscera! While it’s easy to get hung up on the returning character’s new appearance and voice actor, let’s not be so quick to judge! Franky has gone through numerous evolutions already, from the nosy photojournalist in the original Dead Rising, to the balding washout in later DLC, and a mildly deranged news correspondent played by Rob freakin’ Riggle in the Dead Rising: Watchtower movie. I’m happy to wait and see how our old pal fares on his latest misadventure, and we’ll all find out on December 6th.

Chris Cobb is an Associate Writer for MONG, and apparently decided people should tune out his ramblings from now on. He can be found on YouTube and Twitter.

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