Final Fantasy XV Sales Announced

After it’s promising start on day one, Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy XV’s sales to date.

On release, Final Fantasy XV sold five million copies. Now that the dust has settled, Square Enix has confirmed that the game’s figures are over six million units sold to date, including those from both physical and digital stores.

The game’s quality seems to have created a divide amongst the gaming community with many Final Fantasy fans landing on both sides. Our own Brett Williams gave his take on the deeper implications of the game’s characters and themes.

My Opinion:

Hearing Square Enix brag a little about these numbers implies they find it successful. If this is what they need to get me Kingdom Hearts 3 before next the next console generation, I am more than willing to be happy for them.

Jordan Loeffler is Editor in Chief for MONG who drives a 2006 Pontiac Vibe with Minnesota license plates even though he lives in Portland, OR. She’s seafoam green, and she drives like a wave. You can also follow him on IGN and on Twitter.

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