MONG’s guide to save money on gaming!

Gaming has sucked our wallets dry for years. From consoles, to games, to accessories, there is always money to be spent. I, like millions of others, have had this problem since the dawn of gaming! With anger in my heart and nothing in my wallet I consulted the Middle Of Nowhere Gaming crew and have compiled a guide to help save you every cent possible!

Here’s everything you need to know to start saving!

EA Access

EA Access is a service that costs $30 a year, gives a 10% discount on all EA games and grants permission to the EA Access “vault”. The vault is a collection of about 40 (Good) EA games you can play for free. New games are almost constantly being added as well. But wait there’s more! On certain games you will be able to get free trials and early access. With all those features this service a must have.

Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked

This service costs $30 for 2 years, saves you 20% on all video games and some accessories (like Amiibo, Skylanders figures) and gets you extra bonuses for trade-ins.

Buy Games Used When You Can

Getting a game with the wrapping still on it and opening it for the very first time is no doubt an amazing experience! However, in hindsight you could be paying up to 20 bucks more for almost nothing different. Reputable gaming dealers like GameStop make sure used games are in great condition and offer warranties in case the game doesn’t work properly.

Wait To Buy Games

Many games over their lifetime will get a re-release, or a Game Of The Year Edition which will include most DLC. This can save you upwards of 40 bucks. This gives you the full experience of the game for half the price.

Follow @VideoGameDeals on twitter and visit their site,, daily. They post all kinds of deals as soon as they’re made aware of them, and many members work for retail chains and give early scoops on weekly sales.

Hard Disk

Always buy hard disk copies of games. Now I know going out to the store and having to interact with people is dreadful, especially when you could just sit at home and buy it straight from your console. However, getting a disk allows you to resell, trade, or get credit at places like GameStop.


Download the app LetGo. LetGo is a community-driven  buy and sell app that’s booming in popularity, so even if you don’t live in a big city you can still use it. I have found stellar deals on many occasions, including bundles of games, consoles, headsets etc… LetGo also helps with selling your games for a decent price that you usually won’t get at your local game store.


Redbox (believe it or not) is a rental kiosk that is red, placed outside many stores and pharmacies that you can rent games and movies from for a day. Not to mention it usually cost as little as a few dollars. This works wonderfully for a night of gaming with friends or trying a new game out before you commit to spending big bucks on your own copy.


GameFly is similar to Redbox. However, with Gamefly you pay a monthly fee of $16 and get to rent a game and keep it until you’re done playing it, you ship it back then can do it all over again! GameFly has a huge selection of games and can save big bucks in the long run.

There are many more ways to save money on games, like becoming a pro member at GameStop, getting amazon prime, Games with Gold for Xbox / PS Plus, Flash sales and Nintendo selects.

If there is a will to save, there is a way! You only have to do a little digging and have some patience, then you’re well on your way to keeping cash in your pocket and your inner gamer content!

Jeremy LeLaCheur is an Associate Writer at MONG who is sometimes a little to sarcastic and charismatic for his own good.

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