Is COD Franchise too far gone to make good WWII Game?

  Close your eyes, and think back to the good ol’ days. The days where friends would come over and you’d all play some Call of Duty. The late nights, the ruined friendships, the excitement for a new CoD game,  and of course, hour long sessions of zombies!

 There is no doubt that early CoD has ingrained itself into many of our hearts. However of course, we all know what has become of our childhood love. I could go into the unparalleled hate that CoD has received in the past two years but I think you get the just.

 Recently there has been overwhelming reports and leaks that suggest the next CoD will be “going back to its roots” and will be in a WWII setting. This news is blowing up and starting a hype train that may not slow down.

  You may be thinking, “Well they are finally listening to us! This is a good sign right?” Well maybe. With the recent release of Battlefield 1 that saved the similarly failing Battlefield Series, there is no doubt that CoD will want to follow the trend. Follow the trend, as in less of caring about what their fans want, but more following the money.

  You could come back and say “well Sledgehammer is making the next CoD, and they started development 2 years ago, before BF1s release” to that I would say yes, I agree. There still may be hope for our old friend.

  If Sledgehammer really gives it their all, and focuses on giving us a thrilling, heart wrenching story and setting, instead of just a multiplayer based cash grab, I think Call of Duty might have another chance at our hearts. However, if we get more of the same mediocre level crap, CoD will truly be dead in the hearts of true gamers.

 To answer my question, no I don’t think they are too far gone to make a quality game. However many gamers, like me, are giving them this one last shot to return to making art.

Jeremy LeLaCheur is an Associate Writer at MONG who is sometimes a little to sarcastic and charismatic for his own good.



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