Design the Ultimate Dinosaur Experience in Jurassic World Evolution

Perhaps no creature that walked the Earth has captured imaginations and generated speculation like dinosaurs. It’s a wonder they aren’t featured in video games more, but fans of the prehistoric beasts have something to look forward to with Jurassic World Evolution.

Frontier Developments is tapping into the Jurassic World universe to give players the chance to craft their own Jurassic World. Creating new dinosaur breeds, building attractions, and securing the massive creatures are just some of the possibilities in store. Of course, if the films have taught us anything, it’s that things have a tendency to go awry when dealing with such dangerous creatures.

Check out the announcement trailer below and look for Jurassic World Evolution on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC summer 2018.


My Opinion:

Usually world-building type games don’t grab my interest, but Jurassic World Evolution seems like it could be fun even if any designs I create are bound to lead to chaos.

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One thought on “Design the Ultimate Dinosaur Experience in Jurassic World Evolution”

  1. Looking forward to this one! I’ve been playing Elite Dangerous since it was released and, after seeing the trailer for Jurassic World Evolution, been considering getting their Planet Coaster. Can’t wait to put together my own chaos park!


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