Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game New Trailer & Final Chance to Buy

Since it’s announcement in 2018, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game has been an exciting option for fans of the original name. Pair this with the announcement of the sequel Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West, and now excitement is at a fervor. Luckily for fans, a new trailer and purchasing option has emerged for the upcoming board game.

The trailer opens with a collage of gameplay from the original game and figures from the board game. Several people are circling the semi-cooperative tactical action board game and offer some animated moments that could be indicative of the heightened tabletop gameplay.


With this, Steamforged Games has opened up the store to purchase Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game beyond the previous deadlines. For a hefty $360.00, you can purchase the Limited Edition “All-in Pledge” which includes the base game and all expansions, including the exclusive Kickstarter expansion. People who purchase this will get the base game in November 2020 and all the expansions in July 2021. You can purchase Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game – Limited Edition All-In Pledge here.

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