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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Some time ago, I heard about Murdered:Soul Suspect and was immediately excited to see a new series taking shape under the hands of Square Enix.  Back in the 90s, when Square Enix was Squaresoft, a large line of titles came from their making.  Most of these games were of the Final Fantasy lineup, though they developed a wide variety of titles.  Going back to Murdered: Soul Suspect, my question is this: Can Square Enix live up to the titles that made them relevant in the 90’s? Continue reading Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Nintendo’s Need for DLC

Over the weekend of Mario Kart 8’s release, Nintendo announced sales of 1.2 million units worldwide for the popular kart racing game.  I have played around 35 hours of Mario Kart since its release and I can easily say that it has my attention.   Continue reading Nintendo’s Need for DLC

Quick Time Event – Episode 1 – Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8

On the first ever episode of Middle of Nowhere Gaming’s “Quick Time Event”, the team brings on a guest to talk about Watch Dogs and their first impressions for the first half, and then brings on some new members to the team for the second half to discuss their first impressions of Mario Kart 8.  Continue reading Quick Time Event – Episode 1 – Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8