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N7 Day Recap

Yesterday, BioWare and EA celebrated N7 Day, which is a day dedicated to the Mass Effect series. As expected, they released new information on Mass Effect Andromeda as well as a few extra surprises. Continue reading N7 Day Recap

Civilization: Beyond Earth Review


 Civilization, the 4x heavyweight champ, is a standard bearer for the genre, but to me, it is that and more. Many moons ago, when I was a wee lad, I came across Sid Meier’s Civilization (SMC) on my elementary school’s computers. I can’t be sure how I happened upon it, nor do I care to ruin the memory with facts. All I know is that AC / BC to me means After Civilization / Before Civilization. School lunches and recesses were spent inside, frantically trying to finish a couple more turns. This game franchise, more than any other, I credit with really sparking my love of gaming. How fitting it is to be my first review. How serendipitous, the timing couldn’t have been better. So then, it is with a heavy heart that I say this, Civilization: Beyond Earth  (C:BE) could have been better.

Civilization is a franchise owned and developed by Firaxis Games. The company is best known for its Civilization series of games, though it has had notable success with other titles as well, such as XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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