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MONG Podcast 123 | Easy As ABC

This week was full of interesting news! Then again, it’s never not interesting when it comes to the MONG Podcast crew! Double negatives! The crew covered the possible Rise of Iron Destiny DLC leak, Pokemon Apex, a custom Pokemon game for the adult fan… get your mind out of the gutter. Last but not least, because there were three more stories covered, was the Nioh beta which recently ended on the PS4 and how developers Team Ninja are changing the game for the better based on feedback! Continue reading MONG Podcast 123 | Easy As ABC

TellTale Needs to Take a Break

Personally, I find idioms to be a little old hat. There’s one I think Telltale Games could take heed to though, if I can bend their ear: too much of a good thing will kill you, or in this case, our excitement for their games.  Continue reading TellTale Needs to Take a Break