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Wii U Bundles That Could Really Sell

Everyone knows that Nintendo’s home console isn’t flying off the shelves — whether it’s due to lack of consumer interest or just branding problems, it’s neither here nor there. That said, there is one thing that boosts Nintendo sales like no other — bundles. While they aren’t for everyone, there is no denying the mass appeal in the eyes of consumer. Not only that, but Nintendo has the deepest vault of cherished characters and established franchises to draw from.

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The Keep Review

Don’t Get Lost in the Dungeons!

Dungeon RPG games have always captivated players. The allure of exploration, the intellectual challenge of solving problems, and the anticipation of monsters jumping out, all combined into a great gaming experience. Now, what would happen if we add real-time combat to the mix? The Keep is the well-crafted creation of all these components.

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3DS Is Now a Controller for Super smash bros. for Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS players around the world have noticed the 3DS version includes the ability to use the system as a controller for the Wii U version embedded in the game’s user interface. Continue reading 3DS Is Now a Controller for Super smash bros. for Wii U

A Mega Amount of Pokemon Announcements (Part 2)

A few hours ago, the Pokémon Company announced more specifics for the highly anticipated Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire games coming in November. This announcement includes more specifics on Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, demonstrated new moves, showcased legendary Pokémon, and revealed THREE new mega evolutions. Continue reading A Mega Amount of Pokemon Announcements (Part 2)

Why We’re Still Getting Newer Editions of the Old 3DS

In September 2010, handheld gaming was changed forever. The Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan and showed the world that two screens can work in an innovative and creative way. Four years after its release, we’ve seen the Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, and scores of special editions of them. Two weeks ago, Nintendo made a surprise announcement that they’re creating a “new” Nintendo 3DS with increased capabilities and eventually exclusive games. However, even with that announcement, Nintendo is still creating and promoting various new editions of the “old” 3DS. So, with this “New” Nintendo 3DS announced, why are we still getting newer editions of the “Old” Nintendo 3DS? Continue reading Why We’re Still Getting Newer Editions of the Old 3DS

Two New Pokemon Giveaways Coming Soon!

Today, the Pokémon Company announced that there would be two new Pokémon giveaways coming to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. One, a shiny Pokémon; the other, the highly anticipated legendary Pokémon. Continue reading Two New Pokemon Giveaways Coming Soon!

Tappingo 2 Review


Puzzle games are often a hit-or-miss genre. You’ll often find a game that has little appeal or the concept has been done so many times that you just get sick of them. These games are just carbon-copies of other iterations of the same idea, but tweaked just enough so that no one gets sued. Tappingo 2 however, blends creativity with a simple design to offer a great gaming experience.

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