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Metal Gear Survive Announced

This morning, Konami has revealed the next game in the Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Survive. Continue reading Metal Gear Survive Announced

Evolve Review

Hunt, Kill, Repeat

Turtle Rock Studios is a developer already much beloved for the Left 4 Dead series, a set of games that really pushed forward the concept of cooperative multiplayer. With Evolve, Turtle Rock looks to push cooperative multiplayer even further with an ambitious 4 vs. 1 match style. At full disclosure, I’m not very good at this type of game. Normally, I tend to stick to playing single-player titles (an option that Evolve allows). However, Evolve’s concept really excited me: a huge, nearly unstoppable monster versus a squad of hunters, high stakes, the thrill of the hunt. These ideas were enough to venture from my comfort zone into the realm of multiplayer gaming (which is definitely how the game deserves to be played). Was Evolve everything I hoped it would be? Did I have a great time? In short, the answer is yes, though a few shortcomings will likely prevent it from evolving into the most dominant game of 2015.

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