Metal Gear Survive Announced

This morning, Konami has revealed the next game in the Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive is a four player co-op stealth action that is set between the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. After the attack on Mother Base at the end of Ground Zeroes, the survivors that was left behind gets sucked up into a wormhole and now they must try to gather resources and try to make it back home.

Metal Gear Survive will be arriving for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.

My Opinion:

This trailer isn’t doing the game any favors. If you take away the Metal Gear name and take away the fact that Kojima isn’t working on this one, then you are left with what other smaller games have been doing for the past few years now. It seems that it will take its inspiration from games like Don’t Starve and Left 4 Dead, and considering how much of those type of games there are, it’s getting stale. It may not look like a normal Metal Gear game, but then again neither did Metal Gear Revengeance. However, the difference between Survive and Revengence is that Kojima handpicked Platinum Games to make that game. Yeah, I do think it could be possible to make a good Metal Gear game without Kojima, but you only have one shot and it seems that Konami blew that chance.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and is going back to Pandora.

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