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Dragon Age Multiplayer Revealed

Yesterday, BioWare revealed that a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode is coming to Dragon Age: Inquisition. Continue reading Dragon Age Multiplayer Revealed

Can’t Get Enough Dragon Age?

A lot of the fans of the Dragon Age series felt that they just couldn’t get enough, or that the game ended too soon. From the sounds of it, BioWare agrees. Apparently completionists are going to be spending a lot more time with the new title than anyone might of guessed. Continue reading Can’t Get Enough Dragon Age?

New Mass Effect Details Emerge from SDCC

New details about the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise emerged today from BioWare at SDCC. Revealed during the “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect” panel, BioWare showed what players can expect to be included within the next Mass Effect. Continue reading New Mass Effect Details Emerge from SDCC

Quick Time Event – Rapid Fire Edition

On the 8th episode of Quick Time Event, the team discussed the five biggest stories/rumors in gaming this week. Will PlayStation Now include a software update for backwards compatibility? How do you feel about developers asking fans what they want in games? Are you okay with developers still making previous generation only games? Is it a smart move for Microsoft and Sony to add Early Access to their consoles? What effect will the shutdown of Microsoft Entertainment Studios have? Continue reading Quick Time Event – Rapid Fire Edition