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DOOM Won’t Be Ready To Be Shown Until 2015

Over the weekend, id Software had their 18th annual QuakeCon down at Dallas, Texas. The major news to come out of QuakeCon was the gameplay footage of DOOM 4. DOOM 4, or simply titled DOOM, was first announced during E3 with a teaser trailer stating that more footage will be shown at QuakeCon. Continue reading DOOM Won’t Be Ready To Be Shown Until 2015

Another Doom Appears!

Thursday night was an exciting time for Doom fans everywhere.  The gameplay for the new peg in the series was revealed in a twenty minute clip.  Recording devices were not allowed at the revealing, so we are unsure of a few things.  However, GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley was pumping out tweets on his Twitter account during the event.   Continue reading Another Doom Appears!