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Project CARS Review


With the current generation of consoles still waiting on its first true simulation racing game, long-anticipated title Project CARS arrived on the scene last week after spending years in development. Slightly Mad Studios’ racer is as deep in simulation as the genre offers, but the game’s tires spin a little bit off the line. How does it hold up through the rest of the track? Continue reading Project CARS Review

The Escapists Review


My first word of advice for players interested in The Escapists? Do not let its initial appearance fool you; do not go into this game expecting to beat it in a few short hours. Beneath The Escapists cute pixel art style lies a challenging gameplay loop that has little forgiveness for even the smallest of mistakes. Continue reading The Escapists Review

Scream Ride Announced for Xbox One and 360

Many people play titles like The Sims or Sim Theme Park the way the game is meant to be played — creating complex lives and environments for the simulated people to enjoy. A more vocal minority take to these simulations and bring death and destruction to any NPC that they can. Frontier and Microsoft Studios newest Xbox exclusive, Scream Ride, is giving players just that. Continue reading Scream Ride Announced for Xbox One and 360