Avalanche’s newest IP, Mad Max, has officially been delayed into 2015 as shown within its newest trailer

The trailer showcases the Magnum Opus, which will be the final form of Max’s ultimate car of destruction. West Coast Customs, the infamous vehicle customization shop, will be building the iconic car on their latest episode this upcoming Sunday. This is not the first time WCC has dipped their feet into the world of video games. They partnered once with Nintendo and once before with the creators of Firefall.

However, with all the excitement the trailer brings, it looks as if we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we can sink our teeth into the post-apocalyptic, car driven adventure game. Just at the very end “2015” is flashed, officially delaying the game from its original 2014 release window.

While the delay of the game might be disappointing, being able to see the Magnum Opus constructed by West Coast Customs will be a satisfying taste of what’s to come.

There is no word yet if this delay will affect the release window of the rumoredJust Cause 3, which is also being developed by Avalanche and shares the vague release window of 2015.

My Opinion:

I don’t know how I feel about this game just yet. Other games such as Borderlands and Fallout have already perfected the post-apocalyptic genre. Though, with Mad Max’s focus on car combat, it might be enough to set it apart. The movie Mad Max: Fury Road is also schedule to release in 2015, so perhaps this delay was intentional. If you want to watch a sneak peak at some of the movie props, you can see them here.

Mike Morrissette is one of MONG’s Editors. If you like his writing, follow him on Twitter here.

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