FIFA 15 New Details

EA SPORTS announced several new features for FIFA 15 during their Gamescom press conference.


Goalkeepers will now have improved reactions. Goalkeepers will now adjust their positioning if they are going in the wrong direction. They will also react differently to powerful shots. In previous versions of FIFA, goalkeepers would catch difficult balls easily, but this year, they will now parry it.

Goalkeepers also make better decisions in one-on-ones and when tracking the ball on crosses, corners and through balls towards their box. In FIFA 15 they command their area with more awareness and intelligence than ever before. Goalies will also read the flight of balls and you’ll see more variety in how they react to swerving, dipping or turbulent shots.


 Allowing keepers to be more mobile opens up new scoring opportunities for attackers. Your opponent recognizes goalkeeper movement and will attempt shots back across goal, nutmegs or quick shots which will leave no time to react.


Ultimate Team

Concept squads are a powerful new team planning tool. Players will be able to plan out their future Ultimate Team squad using the entire Ultimate Team catalogue of players.


Friendlies Seasons will also be making its debut to Ultimate Team. It will be similar to Online Friendlies in the way that two friends can play each other in a seasons format, to see which friend is better. However this time, friends will be able to make the team that they want!


Another new feature is the loan a player option. Players will now be able to loan a player for their team for a certain amount of matches.


The Ultimate Team cards will also have a different base stat this year. Heading has been removed from the base stats and replaced with Physical.

FIFA 15 will also have new legends on the Xbox editions of the game. For a list of the legends click here.

Match Day Live

A brand new feature in FIFA 15 is the Match Day Live, a hub where players can get real time news or rumours, powered by Players will also be able to check the league table and stats from that league. Gamers will also be able to play their team fixtures before they happen, with EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day.

fifa-15-match-day-costafifa-15-match-day-drogba EA SPORTS FOOTBALL CLUB

EA SPORTS Football Club will also have a new widget, present across all game modes where gamers will be able to see the news or unlock items in the catalogue. Players will be able to choose what they want to share; whether it’s a match result, promotion, or if you’ve packed a new player in Ultimate Team.


Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs will also have a new scouting system where players will be able to search for players that suit their club by scouting Virtual Pros from leaderboards and Club Squads. View other Pros, accomplishment progress, and statistics in an easy-to-read user hub and invite them to join the Club.


Another new feature to Pro Clubs is the ability to quickly advance to the next game, where players will be in the same position and players waiting in the lobby can quickly select their positions. When a player joins the lobby after the game has started, they will be able to see the score and live statistics from that match.


Gamers will also be able to customize their pro’s penalty and free kick animation, as well as their running and finishing celebration.

Career Mode

Player Growth has been improved in FIFA 15’s career mode. Highly rated older players won’t retire as quickly and high potential players will grow faster if they have the chance to do so.

fifa-15-career-mode-team-sheet The Global Transfer Network will also be upgraded. Scouts will now assess the players team and find weakness and recommend replacement players to the manager.

Storyline and Presentation has also been greatly improved. Now there will be accurate, in depth analysis around players, teams and leagues throughout the season.


Team Management has also been upgraded. Gamers will now be able to easily customize their team with the following section:

  • Player instructions can be applied to each of the 10 outfield players with multiple options per position – from defensive positioning and mentality to run types and attacking mentality.
  • Formations – Preset formations for any of your custom squads and pick the best one to take on your next opponent.
  • Roles – Set roles like captain, set-piece and penalty takers for each of your squads.
  • Tactics – Set a default Team Tactic to each of your Team Sheets so your gameplan is locked before hitting the pitch. Or go deeper and add custom tactics to any of your line-ups.


My Opinion:

I must admit; I was hoping for more career mode and pro clubs improvements but I guess I can survive with the small improvements they’ve done. I’m interested in the Match Day Live though, it will be great to get the news within FIFA! Also, I’m interested to see how the loan a player option on Ultimate Team will work, especially with the market. Surely this means that players will go for cheaper now? 

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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