inFAMOUS First Light Details Revealed

For the first time since E3, Sucker Punch Productions announced new details around their upcoming standalone DLC, inFAMOUS First Light.

The wave of announcements began at Gamescom, where Sony showed off the newest trailer for First Light. The video is part-story, part-gameplay as you see inFAMOUS fan-favorite, Abigail “Fetch” Walker, battle with holographic DUP agents.

Following the video release, Jason Connell of Sucker Punch Productions went to the PlayStation Blog to give some new details. First Light will follow Fetch from her origin, through her DUP capture and detainment in Curdun Cay. Along with the new story, there will be a new cast of characters — i.e. “Brent” and “Shane” — who will help explore Seattle.Those worried that Fetch’s powers will be too similar to Delsin’s Neon abilities, don’t fret. Sucker Punch has made it clear that Abigail’s neon abilities are personalized to her.

At Curdun Cay, Fetch will be introduced to a key new aspect of First Light — Battle Arenas. In the attempt to train conduits, Augustine pits her captives against waves of DUP holograms. These Battle Arenas will have worldwide leaderboards to compare your score against friends. Not only that, but if you still have your copy of inFAMOUS Second Son, you will be able to play the Battle Arenas as Delsin.

If you are into the pre-order bonus scene, Sucker Punch detailed what you get for putting money down. Those willing to invest their cash pre-release will receive a Fetch DUP inspired costume.

D.U.P. Fetch First Light Pre-order Besides these major announcements, Sucker Punch threw in a few smaller details to round the blog out. These include:

  • First Light will have its own Platinum trophy.
  • While the game is standalone, there will not be a NA disc release.
  • However, the EU will see a disc release on September 10th.
  • Delsin will have access to all his powers in the Battle Arenas.
  • The story campaign will last around 4-5 hours; Battle Arenas will add replayability.
  • Photo Mode will be back with a vengeance and slightly improved.
  • It will use the same sound profile with the PlayStation Headset App.

inFAMOUS First Light will be hitting PlayStation 4 as a standalone DLC on August 26th. Check out MONG’s review of inFAMOUS Second Son and how much we loved neon.

My Opinion:

Okay, I’ll admit it — First Light has been pretty far off my radar, as far as upcoming games go. The Fall avalanche of titles had me too distracted to give inFAMOUS the attention it deserves. That said, these are all details I’ve been hoping to hear for a while. I am so pumped up about getting some personal time with Fetch that I may have to boot up Second Son again.

Lou Contaldi is MONG’s Executive Editor. In his off time, he enjoys being aggressively mediocre at Hearthstone. You can follow his incoherent ramblings at Twitter.

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