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MONG Podcast 120 | Grand Theft Auto: Mushroom Kingdom

Come, sit with us by the pyre and talk of the games we love. See what I did there? It’s episode 120 of the MONG Podcast and one of the longest in a good while! Mainly because there’s a lot of Dark Souls III talk as well as talk of the PS5 and how it just might not exist. Of course there’s MUCH more lovely words to have caress your earholes and the crew welcomes you to join them for it! Continue reading MONG Podcast 120 | Grand Theft Auto: Mushroom Kingdom

inFAMOUS First Light Review


inFAMOUS First Light seems more like a reply to critics than a standalone title. With inFAMOUS Second Son being released a mere five months ago, Sucker Punch Productions has taken an active step in analyzing what needed improvement and tested it out with Fetch’s own mini-prequel. However, is there enough packed into the vignette to warrant the $15 entry fee? Continue reading inFAMOUS First Light Review