FIFA 15 UK Cover Star and New Anti-Cheating System

EA Sports has revealed the UK cover star for FIFA 15. They also announced that players who buy coins on Ultimate Team or boost their pro stats on Pro Clubs will receive punishments, which can be as severe as a permanent ban on the player’s account!

Eden Hazard, who won the PFA Young Player of the Year and was in the PFA Team of the Year, will join Lionel Messi on the cover of the annual sports franchise.

 FIFA 15 UK cover 

On the EA Sports FIFA website, Hazard said “I have played FIFA all of my life and it’s a huge honour to be asked to be on the cover of FIFA 15. Now I have played the game I can say it’s the most realistic football game I have seen.”  

EA Sports also announced that they are stepping up their game in terms of cheats. FIFA 15 will include a new anti-cheating system. In Ultimate Team, if anyone is guilty of selling coins, then they will immediately get a permanent ban for all EA games. If players are buying from or promoting coin selling sites, then they will get a warning email and in-game message. However, if they continue to commit the offense, their Ultimate Team will be reset and their FIFA Points will get refunded. If they continue, they will get a permanent FIFA online ban.

Although, this is mainly for Ultimate Team, PC users and Pro Clubs players will also be punished if they are found cheating and will receive an permanent FIFA online ban.

FIFA 15 UT Bots

FUT 15 banning


My Opinion:

Good news for Ultimate Team players as I would argue that FIFA 14 was the worse in terms of Ultimate Team due to the increase in coin buying/selling. With this new anti-cheating system, players should be cheaper and hopefully the market works this year, with less bots searching through the market. In terms of the Hazard being in the UK cover of FIFA 15, I’m sure Chelsea fans will be delighted and he deserves to be on it. He is a fantastic young player!

Steven Shearer is an Associate Writer for MONG. You can follow him on Twitter and IGN.

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