Gearbox Brings Us More Battleborn Info At PAX Prime

If you’ve been looking out for more info on Gearbox’s next game, Battleborn, then look no further! At a recent PAX Prime panel Gearbox (rather excitedly) spilled some more information about their upcoming title, mainly about the characters and gameplay.

If you need a bit of a refresher on what Battleborn is all about, we’ve got you covered. Battleborn is a first-person shooter and a MOBA. The story takes place in our universe far into the future, the main conflict being that every planet and star is burning out. There’s one left and every faction around is gathering in its vicinity, and of course they can’t all agree on what to do with it.

In case you were worried about the aesthetic variety of the maps (seeing as there’s only one planet left); if the concept images have any truth to them there’ll be no need to fear visual fatigue. The concept images varied from lush jungles to a red, futuristic temple of some sort. The varied settings of course fit the fact that the characters will be just as various. From Elves to Robots, Soldiers to Swordsmen, Battleborn is gonna have it all.

Speaking of characters, apparently there will be quite a few more than the ones that Gearbox have told us about.


They look pretty cool, but you know what’s better than nine characters? How about thirty? If this image (which was only on screen for a few milliseconds) is accurate, Gearbox has a lot to offer us.


If the unique characters already shown and detailed can attest to Gearbox’s creativity, all thirty are going to be quite awesome. They took some time to talk about four of them in a bit of detail:

  • Miko – She’s the mushroom (part of a macro-organism) woman who is a “combat botanist.” Bet you’ve never played as one of those before.
  • Marquis – My favorite, who happens to be a rich gentleman robot who hates poor people. His cane-gun is called “Bindlebane.” Which is a fitting name if you know what the words “bindle” and “bane” mean.
  • Montana – If you’ve noticed the hard-to-miss giant soldier, that’s him. He’s got a disproportionate head and he’s the kind of man who would “wrestle a bear, then take it out for beer.” He’s also voiced by Ian Sinclair, the voice of Space Dandy for you anime fans.
  • Reyna – Last but not least, there’s the awesome, shield manipulating support character. She’s also been nicknamed “Rogue-Commander” and “ Valkyrie.”

Of course, characters alone don’t make up a good game. They didn’t talk as much about the gameplay, but they revealed that the matches should be about thirty minutes long. As per the usual MOBA formula, there will be rapid character growth involved.

All of this is just the information I’ve gleaned from watching. Feel free to check out the video for yourself!

Battleborn has been announced to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

My Opinion:

I was actually sold on Battleborn (as long as Gearbox didn’t make some kind of catastrophic mistake) the moment I saw the first trailer. I’m honestly even more excited about Battleborn now, the characters still look awesome, the locales look awesome and I’m still excited about it being an FPS MOBA. Let alone that it’s made by Gearbox! Marquis all the way!

Myles K Farrington is one of the MONG Senior Editors sailing the seven internet seas to find all the news you’re jonesin’ for. Keep up with him over on IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well! Yarr, son!

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