PlayStation 4 Bundles That Could Really Sell

What’s the fastest selling console in history? That’s right; it’s the PlayStation 4. What is one thing that will boost those sales even more? That’s right: bundles.  Not everyone loves them (like Scott, he prefers the plain jane kind of consoles) but even those who like the standard consoles have to admit that the bundles sell.  When it comes to Sony products, they can package more in a set than either Nintendo or Microsoft can.

With PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation Move, and PlayStation Camera, there are a host of different combinations for any user to be excited about in this newest generation of hardware.


Last week, we brought you an article about potential Xbox One bundles. This week, we set our sights on Sony’s PlayStation 4. What follows is a rundown of some future bundles we would love for Sony to bring to the market.


Scott – Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series of all time, but it’s common knowledge that the series has been considered to be in decline for some time.  No matter where you believe the decline began, there is an opportunity that Square Enix should recognize whether Final Fantasy XV is well received or not.

The bundle I picture could be referred to as “The Past and Future Final Fantasy Bundle” and would feature a white PS4 with the Final Fantasy XV logo engraved on the console, a white Dualshock 4, and of course, Final Fantasy XV.  That’s not all however, the console would also come with a white PS Vita Slim with the same engraving on the back touch pad, a guide for a FFXV second screen experience, and a code for the player’s choice of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, or IX.


Dustin – This bundle should go all out. Final Fantasy has been a staple of PlayStation consoles throughout Sony’s history. What better way to capitalize on it that pushing all possible Final Fantasy titles onto a PS4 bundle.

Obviously, this bundle should include Final Fantasy XV. It should also include ports of all the Final Fantasy titles that have ever appeared on a PlayStation console. This may have to be accomplished through PSN downloads, or potentially through a PS Now code. Either way, it would be awesome to highlight the history of this storied franchise and it’s ties to Sony’s machines.

As far as the bundle itself, I think it should follow the design of Final Fantasy XV and either feature some Nomura-designed character art on the console and controller, or go with the classic look of a Final Fantasy logo.



Tyler – As this is Ubisoft’s first exclusive Current-Gen game, I could see a bundle and/or exclusive console in the near future. An exclusive console particularly makes plenty of sense, as Unity’s new landscape in the French Revolution is ripe with potential for a PS4 design. I can see a design which involves the entire console covered in a view of Paris when the sun is setting, having each different sectioned piece of the hardware as part of the larger picture. Finish it off with an Assassin logo or two, and it would be… how would you say… “magnifique”!

Dustin –  Ubisoft is doubling down with Assassin’s Creed games this year. I hope a nice light blue colored console would be in the works for an Assassin’s Creed: Unity edition PS4. It could have the Assassin logo in a contrasting red on the top of the console and beneath it have the motto: “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.” A color keyed controller is a must here.


Scott – Even though we recognized Batman Arkham Knight with our Xbox One Special Editions piece, Batman still feels at home on the PS4 as well.  Sony should also know not to miss a Batman filled opportunity in a year where another Batman movie will be releasing as well as this game.

On the shinier, fingerprint catching portion of the console, I can imagine the Batman symbol that only appears when the hardware powers up, the bat signal illuminated by a white light.


Dustin – Like I said last week: “anything with a Batman design is sure to attract collectors. If it followed the slightly futuristic vibe of the Arkham Knight Batmobile, this console would likely fly off the shelves. I like the black design of the traditional PlayStation 4, but here we could give the console a dark grey color to match the Bat. Or maybe go the route of the Arkham Knight himself: hard edges, glowing blue lights, and robotic.”


Tyler – With Kojima being the Sony fan that he is, I have no doubt that he has already been in talks with Sony to make this happen. My idea for this bundle would be to have some Peace Walker type designs to be etched into the plastic of the console. To make it truly special, as Kojima boasts this is the most massive Metal Gear yet, is to have a massive HDD to match. A 1 TB or even a 2 TB hard drive would be best. Just imagining a 2 terabyte hard drive in a PS4 already has me excited.


Scott – I see no reason why this bundle will not be happening.  Even though Metal Gear does not have as much weight behind it as it did before Metal Gear Solid 4, the series is still a powerhouse.  Granted it has gone multiplatform, but Kojima’s baby is still synonymous with the PlayStation brand.  While special editions almost never deviate from standard console design, would it not be fitting if there was a Metal Gear Solid PS4 that was simply shaped and decorated like a cardboard box?

Dustin – I think this one is actually in the works? I found a series of tweets from Kojima. If not, that hard edged line art is perfect for the series. I think we should just make that official going forward. It looks much better that anything I could imagine.


Scott – Roughly four months after the PlayStation TV’s launch (If the date from Sony’s Pre-TGS conference is global) I cannot think of a better selling bundle than one that tells you you can play Bloodborne in more than one location in your house, without moving your PS4.  Bloodborne, like it’s Souls brothers, is likely meant to be played for hours at a time, and there’s no better way to always be playing when more than one TV in the house can play the same game.


Oddly I can’t picture a good design for this game’s console edition.  Maybe it’s because I don’t know enough about the world, gameplay, or story to commit to one idea or the other, but A standard black console, controller, and PS TV device just sound fitting with the game.

Dustin – This edition should have a design the reflects the faster paced melee/ranged combat of Bloodborne. I think the top of the console could be a collection of melee weapons and guns on a weapon rack against a wall. Have the last weapon a bit bloody so everyone knows that these aren’t for decoration, these are tools of the trade.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then we could instead put an enemy in that hard line art that we see on the Frozen PlayStation 4. Let it go, indeed. Maybe one of the zombie dogs? There are a good variety to choose from.



Tyler – To think that Sony has not even considered this as a possibility would be completely crazy. A bundle with one of PlayStation’s most highly anticipated exclusive games is a fairly tempting prospect and would no doubt boost sales with little effort. So when Sony most likely announces this bundle, I feel they would want to go with the full package. A very cool, but unlikely idea would be to include the PlayStation camera, Vita, and finishing it off with an exclusively designed console. The game’s unique neon color palette would be a perfect to use for inspiration on the hardware itself. An even better idea would be to have each exclusive console be randomly generated just like the game itself. How awesome would it be to claim that the console you own is the only one like it? With the little amount we’ve been shown of the game itself, I have no idea on where to begin for an exact design however. I am certain anything involving exploration or space would be awesome.

Scott – It might seem odd, but I would call the No Man’s Sky Bundle, “The Broadcaster’s Bundle”.  No Man’s Sky has basically called itself an endless game by saying “No man will be able to see all of No Man’s Sky.”  Is there a better game to broadcast the exploration of? I think not. The package could come with the PlayStation camera for an easy introduction for those who are eager to start their live streaming experience.

I can picture a special edition PS4 and controller with a collection of stars and distant galaxies coating the naturally black devices.

Dustin – A shoo-in for obvious promotions, No Man’s Sky needs to capitalize on it’s PlayStation 4 ties by bundling with the console itself.

This could be a simple regular black console with an armada of ships warping in across the console, backdropped by a large Jupiter like planet and nebula. The more colorful the better, as this game seems to be extra color saturated. Put the default player ship on the controller and you’re golden.



Scott – I feel like for any player that enjoys indie games, the best package is going to come with a Vita.  While I would wish for more heavy hitting Triple A titles on the portable, even I have to admit the device is an indie machine.  With so many Cross Save and Cross Buy PSN titles available to choose from I wouldn’t even bother putting a single game in the console set.  A PS4, a Vita (with 16 gigs of memory), a half year free membership to PS Plus, and a 75 dollar gift card for the PlayStation Store is the perfect way to go.

Dustin – I’m with Scott on this one. We are overdue for a Vita/PS4 bundle. This bundle should come with matching magenta PS4 and DualShock 4 controller, along with a magenta Vita. If possible, it should include hits like Hotline Miami and Gone Home, as well as another few downloadable Cross Buy titles on PSN.


Tyler – As this franchise is one of PlayStation’s most popular exclusives, it is unthinkable that Sony wouldn’t do something special for this game. My best prediction for this bundle would be a very dark pirate / jungle themed design with the Uncharted logo across the top.

Dustin – This bundle should feature something like a jungle scene (or jungle camo) on the console and controller. Also the title should be in black and white for maximum visibility to highlight the game itself. This one should also come with a special edition matching jungle colored Vita with a digital copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss.


So, what do you think? Do any of these bundles tickle your fancy? Could we expect you to be at the midnight release for any of our predicted packages?  What combination of goods would you like to see in your favorite edition?  Give us your thoughts on these bundles and let us know what obvious bundles we missed in the comments below.

 Tyler Bartlemus is an Associate Writer for MONG and is enthusiastic about anything relating to Science Fiction. You can follow him on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Scott Deisner is an Associate Editor for MONG.  He enjoys story and character driven content above all else, things made from potatoes, and long walks on sandy beaches ;P  You can follow him on Twitter.

Dustin LaRoe is an Associate Editor for MONG and is just awful at videogames. Join him on Steam or Xbox Live as Guy 105.

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