Xbox One Bundles That Could Really Sell

To put it simply…people just plain love bundles.

And what’s not to like? If you are looking for a new console, bundles obviously offer a better deal. Even better, they sometimes even come with exclusive designs that cannot be found anywhere else. With bundles being adapted into the industry, there is no better time to release a plethora of packages than now: the start of a new generation. Customers are looking for an excuse to buy the new machines, and coupling them with a favorite or anticipated game is the way to go. So in the spirit of Microsoft’s recent Xbox One bundle announcements, here are a few of the bundles that we would like Microsoft to announce in the future.



Tyler – I think that like most Xbox exclusives, it is likely at some point Microsoft will make a bundle for this game. While it is uncertain if said bundle would even include an exclusive console, a design that could implement time travel into the console would be really cool. Now I’m just waiting to see if Microsoft will have a bundle at release or if they will wait until Quantum Break goes down in value at retail.

I feel like I could see a sort of illusion like console, where if you’re looking at the box from one direction it would look normal, and if you looked from a different direction the console would have Quantum Break logos; almost like the console is being altered by time.

Dustin – I think Quantum Break is the next game to take up the flag as an Xbox One system seller after Titanfall.  A bundle that includes this game would look cool in a dark blue color with a mess of squares and a splash of yellow and white on the top. As far as I can remember, that seemed to be the overarching palette of colors from the Gamescom gameplay demo. As long as the controller matches the overall design of the console, this should be a good idea. If that idea is too busy, you could go with the dark blue and have a cluster of bullets arcing across the console, grouped together from time dilation. I think that could be a very clean and distinct look.


Scott  –  This could be the most interesting bundle.  The obvious reason being that Microsoft has a timed release exclusivity for the game.  Much of the reason behind this, at least for Crystal Dynamics, was likely to not have to compete with Uncharted 4 upon it’s release.  Also, the announcement for the game being ‘exclusive’ caused quite a commotion.  Obviously they shouldn’t have addressed their deal in such a way, but now that they have the attention (whether that attention is good or bad), they can utilize it.  If CD and MS really want to up the ante, this bundle would be a smart choice.

Personally I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to special edition consoles, therefore I never dismiss a different color scheme that can have a logo or name on it.  However, I can also picture an interesting treasure box design, one that looks like it could be open but probably not since that’s your Xbox!


Dustin – Nobody really gives Tomb Raider much credit as a good game these days in light of the exclusivity deal. A Rise of the Tomb Raider bundle could give the game more exposure and possibly boost sales just a bit. I guess it would probably just have pictures of Lara Croft on it, or maybe a snowy scene. If she ends up with the same equipment she had in Tomb Raider, then you could have the climbing hammer and bow behind the name of the game on the console itself.

Grand Theft Auto V

Tyler – I think a bundle or exclusive version Xbox One for GTA V would certainly be an interesting prospect. GTA is famous for its parody of American culture, so I would love to see how Rockstar would handle a design for an Xbox One. I could totally see an Xbox One designed in parody of one of Microsoft’s main staples, like Call of Duty or Halo, on the shelves sometime in the future.

Scott – It’s almost too obvious what a great bundle this would be, whether it would be for X1 or PS4.  Even though the game is just an HD port of a game that many have already played last gen, it’s a game that many would love to replay with higher fidelity visuals, and play endlessly in the newest generation.  There are also those who have missed the game and what a better opportunity to combine two great things than one of the highest rated, highest selling games thus far, and a brand new console.  As I mentioned just above that I typically prefer more minimalist console editions, GTA V is a very likely candidate for such a design, possibly featuring a gun metal colored Xbox, with a large, green V on one side of the top.

Dustin – It would be pretty sweet if they released a few different Grand Theft Auto V Xbox One bundles. Each bundle could be different in many ways. For instance, they could be branded with the fake brands from the GTA universe. I’m sure a Ammunation Xbox One would move off the shelf (provided the box was clearly branded with Grand Theft Auto V).



Tyler – With the recent announcements of multiplayer and co-op being included in Inquisition, I think it would be a great idea for a bundle with this game. Microsoft already boasts that Xbox One is the best place for multiplayer gaming, so why not capitalize on that with offering this game as a selling point? For a possible design, I could totally see a White Xbox One with the Inquisitor’s helmet being etched onto the top in a metallic finish.

Scott – Dragon Age really did catch my attention at this year’s Gamescom.  While I’ve never had this much interest in the series and find this bundle/edition to be the least likely on the list, I still feel it could move a hearty number of units.  Oddly enough, even with my toned down taste in console design, I can picture a piece of armor or equipment for this one, maybe a shield.  Almost like you could mount the special console on your wall.


Dustin – It would be a good idea to round out the stable of potential bundles presented here with one that had a fantasy vibe. There will be a pretty big marketing push behind Dragon Age: Inquisition this season and a good anchor for that would be a Dragon Age: Inquisition branded Xbox One. I think the Xbox one could look pretty sweet with an epic dragon skin look. Put that design on a Xbox One controller to round out the bundle and you’ll have an awesome Xbox One SKU to add to the fall lineup.


Tyler – I do not know if I can see this ever becoming a bundle, but it is certainly a pretty cool idea. The style and design of Shadow of Mordor can provide plenty of inspiration for a design of an exclusive Xbox One. Perhaps a design that included an in-game ability, like the Wraith powers imbued upon the main character, could make for a very interesting console. At the very least if we do not see a bundle at launch, we will likely see a value bundle later in the console’s lifespan.


While I can’t see this as a likely choice, I can still imagine a console with Elvish inscriptions all around the box.

Dustin – This bundle would do well to make use of the Lord of the Rings franchise power. I think an epic tableau of the New Zealand countryside on the Xbox One would be pretty neat. Maybe integrate a large number of swords. There is a rich variety of art design in this franchise to pull from. Throw the One Ring on the controller to round out the design and you’d have a real winner here.


Tyler – Why is this bundle needed? Because it’s BATMAN. ‘Nuff said. To be honest though, I would love to see an off black / grey color scheme on an exclusive edition of the console. If they really wanted it to look unique, changing the shape of the console itself into something iconic from the series would be a serious plus for many gamers, myself included. Because honestly, who wouldn’t go out and buy a Batmobile or Bat shaped Xbox One? Finish off the deal with some nice custom controllers and Microsoft would have a product that fans would really be excited for.

Scott – A bundle that would seem like it’s out of left field, could actually turn out to be huge.  Batman has been doing very well as a game series and has a large amount of hype going into Arkham Knight.  With another Batman movie set to release in the same year, it would almost seem like a mistake not to have a Bundle…shaped like a Batmobile 😛


Dustin – Anything with a Batman design is sure to attract collectors. If it followed the slightly futuristic vibe of the Arkham Knight Batmobile, this console would likely fly off the shelves. I like the black design of the traditional Xbox One, but here we could give the console a dark grey color to match the Bat. Or maybe go the route of the Arkham Knight himself: hard edges, glowing blue lights, and robotic.


Tyler – The most likely prospect of the bunch, it would be a no brainer for Microsoft to make this bundle a reality. The Master Chief Collection is easily going to be the must have game for the Xbox One when it releases. So finish off the deal with a killer design –Something along the lines of all the graphical and suit variations of the Master Chief inscribed on the console– along with a much needed HDD upgrade and I don’t think any fan would be able to resist. I know I wouldn’t be able to.

Scott – This may seem like a no brainer, but I feel Microsoft may be conflicted about which title deserves the bundle.  The MCC is a good choice but it is not exactly an Xbox One title, but a series of the older generations.  I DO however, feel they could have a strictly Halo bundle.  One that could not only come with The Master Chief Collection, it’s beta access to the Halo 5 Multiplayer, Some time with Xbox Gold, a massive HDD and possibly even a voucher for Halo 5 the game.  That would make the most sense to me.  Obviously the design for the hardware wouldn’t lend to either the collection of the fifth numbered game of the series, but rather would be printed with just Halo; possibly even marked as “Anniversary Edition” depending on when they actually release Halo V

Dustin – This seems like an obvious choice for a bundle. Off the top of my head, I can picture two distinct Halo bundles from the older generation Xboxes. There is definitely precedent from Microsoft for this, but there’s been no announcement yet. Seems like time is running out on this one. Make the Xbox One itself in MasterChief green with a visor-orange, chromed controller and you’d have the premier Xbox One collectable for the console’s lifespan. Man, that gets me excited just picturing it.


What would you like to see Microsoft bundle next? Please leave it in the comments below!

Tyler Bartlemus is an Associate Writer for MONG and is enthusiastic about anything relating to Science Fiction. You can follow him on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Scott Deisner is an Associate Writer for MONG.  He enjoys story and character driven content above all else, things made from potatoes, and long walks on sandy beaches ;P  You can follow him on Twitter.

Dustin LaRoe is an Associate Writer for Mong and is just awful at videogames. Join him on Steam or Xbox Live as Guy 105.

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  1. I just want to know why Microsoft doesn’t offer Color Customization instores. I’d gladly pay 50-100 bucks for a color change and HD upgrade of my XB1. Nice Orange 4TB come on now!


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