Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Bundle

Do you like Pokémon? Well Nintendo just made it a lot easier for you to spend money.

The inevitable decision that faces the modern day Pokémon fan is “Which version do I buy?” However, Nintendo announced that you will now be able to buy both Pokémon Omega Ruby and  Pokémon Alpha Sapphire together in a bundle, for $79.98 (USD).

This bundle contains two codes for 100 potions each, as well as the games themselves. You also get the games in a nice looking sleeve, as well as the official boxes. So you do get a little extra for buying both games at the same time.

This bundle is a Best Buy retail and an Amazon exclusive. Furthermore, it is exclusive to the United States, at this time. You should be able to pre-order the bundle later today.

My Opinion:

This doesn’t really affect me as I have a brother and we always buy the opposite version of each Pokémon game anyway. Either way, I’d much rather order my copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire from the Nintendo Online store where I can get the steelbook edition and a Primal Kyogre or Primal Groudon figure, for an extra £5.

Lucy Pallent is a girl gamer from a rock in the middle of nowhere and is the world’s biggest n00b. She likes Nintendo, JRPGs and food. Feel free to follow her random ramblings on Twitter.

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