New Screenshots of Final Fantasy XV Have Arrived

New screenshots of the upcoming Square Enix game Final Fantasy XV have surfaced online.

ff xv 1

ff xv 2

The shots appear to be screengrabs of the Jump Festa trailer, but nonetheless showcase marvelous detail to the graphics and characters of the game.  The grabs show the beautiful world of Lestallum and shows various characters such as Noctis and Cidney. Noctis is show driving a convertible and fighting a massive Titan.

ffxv 3
ff xv 4ff xv 5ff xv 6ff xv 7ff xv 8ff xv 9ff xv 10ff xv 11ff xv 12ff xv 13ff xv 14ff xv 15ff xv 16ff xv 17ff xv 18ff xv 19

Final Fantasy XV, which was formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a date that has yet to be revealed.

My Opinion:

Wow, the detail in those graphics are phenomenal. I really like the modernity (aka the cars) within the game that makes it different-looking than most other Final Fantasy games. Even though most of these screengrabs are from the trailer, it still allows fans to get a closer look into the detail Square Enix put into this game.


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