Tales from the Borderlands Episode Three: Catch A Ride Review



Many people thought that a Borderlands game not focused on totally badass vault hunters wouldn’t be any good; they were oh so wrong. The latest installment of Telltale Games’s Tales from the Borderlands continues the antics of the past two episodes and promises more to come with gripping new developments.

Episode Three: Catch A Ride begins with Rhys, Fiona and their captor driving towards their unknown destination. The trio discuss your decision at the end of Episode Two: Atlas Mugged to trust Fionna or Handsome Jack. Siding with Jack will lead to a violent, chaotic opening for this episode, whereas siding with Fiona will lead to a lot of quick-time events and turret dodging. Playable characters for the opening are Rhys, if siding with Jack, or Fiona, if siding with Fiona.

Fist-bumping to back-handing, what can’t Loader Bot do?

Upon leaving with the Gortys Project, Vallory is introduced and, as with many times in this series, your characters are rescued from a seemingly impossible situation. In these first few minutes, the game quickly makes you feel both relieved, and like a total idiot for many of your past decisions. There’re plenty of twists in the story and the characters become fully fleshed out throughout the course of the episode.

Poker Night at the Inventory 3 confirmed.

The first third of the episode is played entirely through dialogue and quick-time events. The areas you explore, although very beautifully made, are almost completely linear. Use of Rhys’ ECHO Eye is more available than in Episode Two: Atlas Mugged but mainly for little side information. This episode features some highly-amusing quicktime events such as: Loader Bot baseball and “that scene from Finding Nemo, the one with the jellyfish”.  If you enjoy the conversation aspect of recent Telltale games over the puzzles and exploration of some of their older titles, this episode will please you immensely.

Even if you can only explore five feet of this gorgeous area, it’s undeniably beautiful.

The Verdict: 9.4 out of 10

Nothing can truly come close to the beginning of a great series, however this episode reminds us why we all love Borderlands and Telltale Games. Although lacking in exploration, this episode will make you laugh regardless of your choices throughout the series as well as show you how much deeper the characters are than simple one-liners. It has the right mix of emotions and humor to make it memorable. The introduction of the second best robotic character in the series helped to truly seal the deal on this episode as a continuation of something truly great.

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