Mega Man Legacy Collection Review

A Mega Legacy

The Mega Man Legacy Collection is a perfect example of preserving a myriad of masterful platformers in one unified collection. This is done by way of stellar emulation, enjoyable challenges, as well as options to play the game in 4:3 aspect ratio or in full screen with or without background art alongside two graphic filters.The Mega Man Legacy Collection also features an amazing gallery of promotional art, conceptual pieces and beautiful 3D art I never could’ve imagined of beloved levels from the games. The collection also features the original sound tracks from the games included.MM2

The Mega Man Legacy Collection consists of the six original Mega Man games from the NES. The game showcases the evolution of the blue bomber, which is a truly worth-while experience. You go from the grueling difficulty of the original with its slightly more rudimentary graphics, to Mega Man 6‘s more advanced gameplay mechanics and graphics, which were much more common features at the end of the NES’s life cycle. For example in later iterations you see additions such as Rush, the charge shot, and a slew of power-ups. Alongside of these key innovations it’s also worth mentioning that there are implementations of new platforming mechanics to mix up the gameplay including low gravity, inverted gravity, and even other non-platforming sections

As far as story is concerned there’s not much more to it than an evil scientist is hell bent on taking over the world. Mega Man, being the creation of Dr. Light, is given an arm cannon and sent out to save the world in spite of his original intent to be a child-like companion of Dr. Light. This is a recurring theme in the series as Wily escapes jail repeatedly.


The remix challenges are loads of fun and can provide several more hours of entertainment if you chose to master all of them. The remix challenges are sections from the collection in which Mega Man is sent through a variety of levels, jumping and shooting his way from portal to portal to finish in time. Once completed you are given a score based on your completion time which appear on a leaderboard. These remixes span across all six of the games even within the same challenges. These challenges range from nefarious gauntlet’s of boss battles to meticulous platforming sections where you are constantly confronted with enemies. However I wish I could make my own challenges for myself and my friends.

Each of the games has a single save state which makes Mega Man‘s monotonous save password system more useless than ever. This is a welcome addition but I’m still left longing for multiple save slots.

Verdict: 9 out of 10

Mega Man Legacy Collection is what an HD Collection should be. The Mega Man series is one of the most deserving series and these are six games that needed it. I recommend it to anyone who has or hasn’t played these games, as this collection is chock full of hours of challenging and rewarding gameplay. The collection is a wonderful value at the low price of $15 which is $2.50 a game.

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Charlie Savidge is an Associate Writer for Middle of Nowhere Gaming and thinks the blue bomber is better than the blue blur. You can follow him on Twitter and Twitch.

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