Twisted Pixel Leaves Microsoft

Twisted Pixel, the studio behind ‘Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and LocoCycle, has gone independent again and has split off from Microsoft.

The studio was originally bought by Microsoft in 2011. However, Josh Bear, Twisted Pixel co-founder and creative director, said that they had “always kept a background dialog open with [Microsoft]” in regards to leaving Microsoft and becoming an independent studio again.

John Needham, general manager for Microsoft Studios, stated that the developer has been “a great partner” and they look forward to “bringing their outstanding games to Xbox and Windows 10.” Twisted Pixel executive producer Bill Muehl echos Needham’s statement, saying that the company will “continue our strong partnership with Microsoft,” but all express excitement with working on “new relationships and platforms.”

My Opinion:

I’m a big fan of Twisted Pixel, as they are a developer that seem to want to focus on making purely fun games, something that is becoming more rare nowadays. While I find this news surprising, since it has only been four years since they were acquired, I’m happy to see that their next game can be played by more than just Xbox and PC gamers.

Esteban Cuevas is an Associate Editor for Middle of Nowhere Gaming and GASP! IT’S BRAD! You can check out his Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. I don’t know where you can check out Brad though. He’s a special specimen of a man that is not that easily obtained.

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