MONG Podcast 105 | The Deckard Cain-ining

Come stay a while and listen! The crew was going to talk about video game news, but then they realized the one true video game news that really matters is only Deckard Cain. Be at peace and listen to the podcast!

However, since they have to have an actual blurb here, the crew did talk about quite a few other things. They lightly (extremely so) touched on the topic of what Kojima is up to now… maybe, no one really knows what that man is doing. On top of that, they touched on Noby Noby Boy finally being finished after so many years, Destiny’s new new micro-transactions, the Right2Game campaign, the studio formerly known as Irrational’s hiring board, the new Nintendo controller (maybe) and kinda about the Bloodborne collectibles heading our way.

The Thought of the week was video game movies in general, some of them are kinda good, some of them are absolutely horrible. Come stay a while and listen and may Deckard Cain be with you!

Blooper at the end.

Click here to listen to the MP3 version!

Or watch the video version below!

If the video isn’t appearing, give it some time. Uploading to YouTube is a lengthy process.

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