The Witness Available for Pre-order on Steam, Cost Revealed

The Witness, announced seven years ago, is available for pre-order for a price of $39.99

The game, announced seven years ago, can be pre-ordered here before its release on PC and PlayStation 4 next Tuesday. The Witness is a first-person puzzle adventure game from Thekla, the studio most known for Braid.

Jonathan Blow, creator of both games, tweeted several months ago he expects the game to take roughly 70 hours to fully complete.

My Opinion:

A digital game for $40 is fairly unprecedented, but previews have spoken positively of the game. I’ve been shifting my focus on games lately from shoot-em-ups and beat-em-ups. Nontraditional experiences like Gone Home and Thomas Was Alone have been eye-opening, to me, for what games can be. I’m hoping The Witness is more of the same.

Christian Glass is a MONG Associate Writer.  He will be reviewing The Witness for your pleasure.  You can love him on Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram


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