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MONG’s Game of the Year 2016

2016 was a roller coaster of a year. There was a wild U.S. Election, the Olympics and the Cubs finally won the World Series. Similarly, this was quite the year in gaming as well. Final Fantasy XV finally came out after a decade of anticipation, Pokémon GO took the world by storm, and Battlefield 1 finally gave us a game to write home about. After such an exciting year, we should look back and recognize the good things gaming has given us. Ladies and gentlemen, MONG’s Games of 2016. Continue reading MONG’s Game of the Year 2016

No Man’s Sky and the Importance of Being a First-Wave Gamer

Every now and then, a game releases that asks its gamers to do more than simply play it; the game wants you to think a bit. The world is a little more complex than our own, the story isn’t told in a contemporary fashion, or maybe the game’s mechanics are slightly obscured. Such games depend on Day One adopters, First-Wave Gamers as I like to call them, to unveil what lies beneath the surface and decode the game’s greater mysteries.

Continue reading No Man’s Sky and the Importance of Being a First-Wave Gamer

Top Ten Games of the Year So Far

We are officially finished with the first half of 2016, and what a good first half it was. From taking in the view of a vast Wyoming wilderness from atop a fire tower, to successfully bunting with David Ortiz, 2016 has been packed full of great games.  Continue reading Top Ten Games of the Year So Far

Is PC Actually Better Than Console?

All hail the PC Master Race! This collective hivemind consists of purebred gamers who have made the Personal Computer their gaming platform of choice due to its limitless processing power, compatibility with various controllers and input devices, forward thinking focus on digital releases, multitude of new releases in a vast array of genres, and community support of titles that include fixes, mods, and upgrades. For the longest time, the prevailing opinion has been that whenever a game is released for PC as well as consoles, it would be the superior version by default. Furthermore, the PC is home to many unique exclusives that consoles wouldn’t even be able to run. The expanded capabilities of the PC trumps anything modern consoles can output. However, with respect to the glorious PC Master Race, is that really true? More and more often, we hear about the woes of PC games being broken at launch. In fact, these problems have become so commonplace, that I think it’s worth asking if PC gaming is actually better than gaming on consoles. Continue reading Is PC Actually Better Than Console?

Complete 2015 North American Video Game Release Schedule

Here is our Complete North American 2015 Video Game Release Schedule. It will be updated throughout the year as more games receive confirmed release dates. Continue reading Complete 2015 North American Video Game Release Schedule

PlayStation Experience Twitch Timetable

PlayStation Experience is happening this weekend and here are all the timings you’ll need to know.  Continue reading PlayStation Experience Twitch Timetable