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Flywrench Review


Flywrench, a fast-paced micro-level puzzle game, quickly crushes players towards an addictive yet rewarding relationship. With a gradual sense of diversity and stellar score, Flywrench quickly became one of my top sleeper hits for this year.

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Semispheres Review


Semispheres is a calming, yet challenging puzzle game through which players manipulate two characters within parallel environments. The simple and abstract design of the game allows for thought provoking endeavors with a satisfying sense of accomplishment. 

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Pneuma: Breath Of Life Review


Puzzle games these days seem to be centralized around the mobile marketplace. Titles like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled have millions of downloads because of their bright colors and simplistic gameplay. It’s been quite a while since a first-person puzzler was released to the world, or if there has been one, I haven’t noticed. So I was fortunate that Pneuma: Breath Of Life crossed my path. Deco Digital Studios did a fantastic job of creating a world that not only looks amazing, but is filled with tough yet manageable puzzles and an interestingly philosophical storyline.
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Puzzle & Dragons Mario Bundle to Release on May 22nd

Nintendo has announced that Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition will be launching on May 22nd, with a free demo to be released earlier in the month. Continue reading Puzzle & Dragons Mario Bundle to Release on May 22nd

Tappingo 2 Review


Puzzle games are often a hit-or-miss genre. You’ll often find a game that has little appeal or the concept has been done so many times that you just get sick of them. These games are just carbon-copies of other iterations of the same idea, but tweaked just enough so that no one gets sued. Tappingo 2 however, blends creativity with a simple design to offer a great gaming experience.

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Siesta Fiesta Review


Sometimes people are only interested in the big video game characters: Mario, Link, Master Chief, Sora, etc. Smaller games and characters are sometimes overlooked by these first-party only players as well as the scores of shovel ware and iOS games flooding the industry. It’s easy to lose track of all these games and miss a diamond in the eShop world. Siesta Fiesta is one of those games that should not be missed. Continue reading Siesta Fiesta Review