New Destiny expansion ‘Rise of Iron’ leaked

A new Destiny expansion, titled ‘Rise of Iron’, has been leaked through marketing materials that appeared on Reddit on May 19th.


The poster features Lord Saladin, a NPC who runs the monthly multiplayer event ‘Iron Banner’, wielding a large hammer in front of a snow covered ruin with wolves at his side. Kotaku confirmed the authenticity of the image with its sources, which also added that the expansion will feature a “likely fallen themed” raid and be “larger than both year-one DLC packs.”

The leak seems to follow Activision’s previous assertion that it will release “a large new expansion” in 2016 to be followed with a sequel sometime in 2017. Expect to discover details of the new content during the PlayStation E3 press conference on June 13th.

Destiny was originally released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in September 2014. It was followed by The Dark Below and House of Wolves in Year One, with The Taken King kicking off Year Two in September 2015.

My Opinion:

Destiny has had some serious competition in the form of The Division since the release of the stellar Taken King. It is good to know that Activision isn’t leaving the game on life support until the release of the sequel in 2017. Destiny‘s raids are some of the best gameplay experiences out there, so it is promising that this will include a new challenge for players. However, it remains to be seen if the expansion will be able to bring me or other guardians back amidst a stellar fall lineup.


Brett Williams is an Associate Writer for MONG who spent 500 hours searching in vain for the elusive Gjallarhorn and believes Destiny is a cruel mistress. If you don’t like people clogging up your twitter feed, follow him on Twitter.

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