Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age announced for PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, an HD remake of the PlayStation 2 classic, has been announced for the PlayStation 4 to be released in 2017. Check out the reveal trailer below. 

The game will allow players to return to the world of Ivalice and interact with the new Zodiac job system, an expansion of the licence board from the original game, and a trial mode, where players fight through waves of enemies.

Hiroaki Kato, a producer at Square Enix, took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the title and outline some of the changes that are coming in the re-release. In addition to the updated graphics and soundtrack, changes made in the international release of the original game will find their way west for the first time, including a revamped character progression system and interface upgrades.

In addition to the zodiac job system and trial mode, The Zodiac Age will feature several modern advancements such as trophy support, auto-save, improved load times and an overlaid map.

Final Fantasy XII was originally released in 2006 in the twilight of the PlayStation 2. It features Princess Ashe and her allies’ quest to reclaim the throne of Dalmasca from the Archadian Empire. The game bucked tradition by moving away from the series’ famous turn-based battle system in favor of an active system controlled by the gambit system, which gave players control of party AI.

My Opinion:

While it may be an unpopular opinion, Final Fantasy XII is one of my favorite entries in the series, so I am beyond excited to see it getting a re-release. However, I’m beginning to think that Square Enix is spreading itself too thin. We are still awaiting the releases of Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. For once I’d like to see Square finish a game before announcing a new one. Hopefully we’ll find out more at E3.

Brett Williams is an Associate Editor for MONG who had no problem with Vaan in Final Fantasy 12. He is gradually going insane with the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. You can follow him on twitter.

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