Resident Evil 4 For Current-Gen Gets A Release Date

Capcom is re-releasing Resident Evil 4 again. This time it’ll be out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

After re-releasing Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, Capcom is releasing Resident Evil 4 for the current generation of consoles. If Resident Evil 4 will follow the other games, it will be 1080p, 60FPS and $20.

Resident Evil 4 Attack Resident Evil 4 Leon

Resident Evil 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will arrive on August 30th.

My Opinion:

I’m hoping it’s the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition that was released on Steam a couple of years ago. I’m not going to fight this so when it comes out, I will definitely get this. I’ve played several ports of this game starting with the original GameCube. I don’t have a computer powerful enough to play that Ultimate HD Edition so playing Resident Evil 4 on 60FPS will be a new experience for me.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and is waiting on a win.

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