Microsoft cuts Xbox One price to $249

In simpler terms: that’s 21 Nutter Butter 12 packs.


Microsoft is cutting the price of the Xbox One — for the third time…in the last two months. The cut sees the standard 500GB Xbox One drop to $249, likely in a last ditch attempt to clean out inventory ahead of the Xbox One S’s release on August 2nd. The software giant has said the console will be available at this price “while supplies last.”

As you may know, while the Xbox One has been enjoying a quicker start than the Xbox 360, it has been trounced by the PlayStation 4 in sales. To date Sony has sold over 40 million PS4’s. On the other hand, Microsoft has been sheepish about releasing numbers, and as a result all we know is the Xbox One was at 19 million units sold back in January (a number revealed by EA). Therefore, it’s safe to assume, the oodles of Xbox One price cuts, are largely the result of Sony leaving Microsoft in the dust so far this console generation.

With the Xbox One S releasing imminently and the new Xbox “Scorpio” console due next year, it’s hard to imagine that Microsoft will continue to manufacture the original Xbox One hardware for much longer. So, if you want an OG Xbox One, you might want to act fast.

My Opinion:

The next Microsoft console I will be getting will be the “Scorpio”. If for some reason Microsoft gets me with its voodoo, and I can’t resist buying a Xbox One — I will get the S. Why? I like my powerblocks in my consoles.

Tyler Fischer is an Associate Writer for MONG who plays video games when he’s not busy researching alien conspiracy theories at 2AM. You can find him on Twitter.

One thought on “Microsoft cuts Xbox One price to $249”

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