Final Fantasy XV Gets A Delay

After announcing the release date for Final Fantasy XV back in March, Square Enix has decided to delay the game. To go along with this news Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata released a video explaining the delay.

In the video, he says that the “master” version of the game is done and there will be a 30 minute gameplay video coming at Gamescom based on this version of the game. If you happen to be at Gamescom this week, then you’ll be able to play an early part of the game.

The main reason for the video is the reasoning on why he and his team decided to delay Final Fantasy XV. It was to make sure that there won’t be a day-one patch. As explained, he said that if they release the game as is, he and his team will regret that they didn’t release the best possible version of the game. So it was decided that a delay to further polish the game was best way to avoid a day-one patch. Another reason was to make sure that fans in rural areas with little to no internet speeds can play the best possible version of the game without a need to spend hours on downloading a patch, if they can download it at all.

Final Fantasy XV will now be released worldwide on November 29th, 2016.

My Opinion:

The fact that Hajime Tabata was so open on why they delayed this is refreshing. Most of the time developers won’t give out an explanation except that a game needs more polish. While I completely understand on why games get delayed, and fully support it, it’s almost rare to see someone with a more complete reason. Don’t be surprised if another reason is because of Persona 5. While Final Fantasy is a worldwide favorite, the Persona series is a major franchise in Japan as well. This way fans of both franchises can finish Persona 5 without the need of rushing. Persona 5 is coming out a couple of weeks before Final Fantasy XV, and considering how massive both games look have this large of a gap is great. Regardless of the reasoning, Square Enix is shown to be determined to make sure that Final Fantasy XV is their most successful game yet, and this delay will help them get there.

Jesse Webster is a Senior Writer for MONG and still needs to get started on Final Fantasy VII

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